Valezart is a driven, passionate and charismatic electronic music composer hailing from Barcelona, Spain.

Valezart developed an interest for cinematography at a very early age, and he managed to refine his skills in areas such as music composition and graphic design, which he studied at the local Elisava (ICCIC) commercial design school.

His cinematic style is a perfect complement to many visual experiences. A blend of classic and contemporary with an eclectic and fresh twist.




NameYearTypeWork / Information
Stone Sorceress2016VideoComposer (Animation series)
Humiconfort2014Video (Ad)Producer / Editor
A Little Demon Play2014VideoNon-exclusive music
Radio Sapiens2013RadioOfficial music for the opening / ending of the radio.
El Guerrero Interior2012VideoExclusive music for the opening of this Docu-Reality.
Sins of a Solar Empire [MOD]2013Videogame (PC)Non-exclusive music for the [MOD] Maelstrom of SoSE.
Ushima-Next2011CinemaVisual effects
Daughter of Fear2011VideoComposer: Additional music
Gary Collins 3D Showreel2011VideoNon-exclusive music
Last Chance2010[TV] MovieNon-exclusive trailer music (American International Cinema)
Lídia Pujol: Begging the waves2009[TV] VideoclipPostproduction: Animator, Editor, Visual Effects
Godspeed: One – Secret Legacy2008[TV] MovieAnimator, Editor, Composer
Godspeed2006VideoDirector, Writer, Producer, Editor, Composer, Effects
Awaken2012VideoAnimation Project (Promo Trailer)
Rägnarok2009VideoAnimation Project (Promo Trailer)
Pyroclastic2011AlbumGenre: Trailer Music
Excalibur2012AlbumGenre: Adventure, Soundtrack
Darkness2013AlbumGenre: Dark Ambient, Horror
Digital Frontier2014AlbumGenre: Electronic, Soundtrack
Twin Sector2009Videogame (PC)Composer
Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny2010Videogame (PC)Composer: Additional music
Lídia Pujol (Web)2009WebsiteOfficial web design
Piedra Granítica Gelabert2010WebsiteRenewal of the graphic identity and web design
Las Moradas del Unicornio2010WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Mundo Desconocido2012WebsiteRenewal of the graphic identity and web design
MagicoTarot2012WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Ufopolis2012WebsiteRenewal of the graphic identity
Talion (Web)2012WebsiteRenewal of the graphic identity and web design
La Granja Humana2012WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Naakhum2013WebsiteOfficial web design
Rpg Factory2013WebsiteGraphic image and web design
La Cerimònia de la Llum2012WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Naghmart2012WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona2013WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Renovatio Voice Arts2013WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Land of Glory2013WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Radio Sapiens (Web)2013WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Renovatio: Escuela de doblaje2013WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Khalijia2013WebsiteOfficial web design
Humiconfort (Web)2014WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Garbbi Maysoon2014WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Las Aventuras de Byte2010[TV] MovieEditing / Visual effects
FotoPro (Curso de La Vanguardia)2011VideoEditing / Visual effects
Talion2012VideoProducer / Editor
Storm Maze2015Videogame (PC)Creator / Developer / Composer
Purple Sky2015Videogame (PC)Creator / Developer
BegoSalud2014WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Youtubers.cat2016WebsiteCreator / Administrator
Talion (Promo)2015VideoProducer / Editor
Humiconfort (Anuncio)2014VideoProducer / Editor
Dragon2016AlbumGenre: Trailer Music
Horror Atmospheres2017AlbumGenre: Dark Ambient, Horror
Corporate2017AlbumGenre: Corporate
Mundo Desconocido2017VideoExclusive music for the mystery channel (Mundo Desconocido).
Patriotika2017VideoExclusive music for the promotion of the Patriotika comic (by Ron Z).
Universum2017Video (Series)Director, Composer, Writer, Producer, Editor, Effects
Viajes Mundo Desconocido2018WebsiteGraphic image and web design
Saving Ghosts2018Reality TVComposer
Ávalon: Detrás de la leyenda2018DocumentalComposer
Dreamsoul2018VideoDirector, Composer, Writer, Producer, Editor, Effects