• Dreamsoul - Best Soundtrack (My RØDE Reel 2018)
  • The Stone Sorceress | ÁVALON. Detrás de la Leyenda
  • Dragon Fire (trailer music)
  • King Arthur (adventure)
  • Ancient Stones (choral)
  • Le Morte D'Arthur (drama)
  • The Monkey King (trailer music)
  • Mysterious Fog (horror)
  • Dreaming Nightmares (horror)
  • The Grid (electronic)
  • Sunshing Rising (corporate)
  • The Village (slice of life)

Do you need a music composer for movies or video games?

Hello! I’m Valezart and I have composed the music of many projects, I have worked in productions for cinema, television, short films and also video games. Composing music is my vocation. I adapt to the needs and budget of each project. Therefore, if you are looking for something with personality, I invite you to listen to my songs.

To get started, if you’ve reached this site, you’re probably looking for a music composer or find custom music for your project. Luckily you’ve found the right place! Contact me without obligation and talk about your project.

You can also visit the music store where you will find an extensive royalty free music catalog.


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